15 Tips To Increase Organic Traffic With An Eye On Conversions

organic traffic
08Jan, 2020
Are you a digital marketer with a new product or service wanting to get organic traffic to it? Chances are that all you dream about is a top Google ranking and getting more visitors to your site. The more traffic, the more conversions, and the more you earn, right?
To get organic traffic to your website, you need to emphasize on SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization of site. However, the conversion rate means converting your website’s visitors into your customers without paying anything to search engines.
When you explore SEO, it is not only the improved traffic that you are on the lookout for. You want that traffic to turn into conversion.
SEO helps with an improved traffic and improved conversion. The end goal is that your traffic completes its desired action. This can be achievable with the help of CRO known as Conversion Rate Optimization. It is a procedure that is used to optimize sponsored landing pages, and ads among others, to boost traffic. If you run an e-commerce website, the desired action is to place an order and buy a product.
Having said these, there are other ways of increasing organic traffic that would boost the conversion rates. Let us go through them one by one. Don’t ask how to increase organic traffic again. Just follow these steps.

When you explore SEO, it is not only the improved traffic that you are on the lookout for. You want that traffic to turn into conversion.

1. Use Call to Action to increase organic traffic:

The end goal of your website is to sustain the attention of your audience. To make this achievable, make use of call to action verbs that would allow your users take certain steps or actions. Examples of call to action verbs are: ‘’order now’’, ‘’book a seat’’, ‘’buy your ticket’’. 

2. Highlight the benefits of your products and services:

It is important to highlight the features of your services and products. However, it is more important to tell your customers the advantages and benefits they would get after buying your products and services. Tell them what problems your products and services would solve their problems. Remember, value sells more.

3. Create different landing pages for PPC ads:

There are higher chances that you might be using Adwords or some other form of PPC along with your SEO strategies. Therefore, it is advisable to go for specially designed landing pages that are dedicated for such.

4. Include robust call to actions in the content:

Make sure to include various call to actions in the content of your website. It is always helpful if you direct your readers to do the right action. This may include clicking a button, filling out a form or reading a specific piece of information. 

5. Recommend related products:

To engage the visitors and to make them stay on your website, different links related to your contents, products and services.

6. Include a video on your website:

People look for human touch and this is true for the online business websites. Endeavour to include simple and short videos on the landing page of your website. This would show the customers that there is a real person behind the it and the brand they are going for.

7. Include testimonials:

Testimonials are known to reduce the risk of bounce rate and provide social proof. Use the testimonials both on the website and on your landing pages of the products. People proof sells all the time. It shows the human face of your business to the world.
Reachout to satisfied clients to write you brief testimonials you can display on your web page. You can also integrate your google review pages on your website.

8. Use fewer fields in opt-ins:

As a company, the opt-in form shouldn’t be over designed. Ask for lesser but useful information. This serves better than using a detailed form for asking many questions. This can deflect your traffic as nobody likes to fill such amount of details.

9. Pay attention to the headlines:

The first thing that any customer notices on a landing page is the headline. You can consider it as the vital element of your landing page. Brainstorm with your team and find the best and strongest headline. You can use tools online that can help you achieve similar results.

10. Take the help of stock numbers:

When dealing with products that are tangible, include the quantity of the remaining stocks. Proper product descriptions can help to increase the sales. For example, you can use phrases such as: place your order now, only 4 left!

11. Take care of on-page SEO issues:

Ensure you do a proper website page audit to find out all the issues with your website. You will find issues like pages without meta description or anchor keywords. Other issues may include duplicate contents, repeated meta descriptions, poor internal linking profiles, and no keywords to mention a few. Most of these issues can be fixed so there is no reason to continue to have them as errors.
This is critical for your page ranking and therefore ensuring you get traffic to your online content. You may also need to consider your content length. Use of the right words (TF-IDF) in the right amount, and ensure the content is relevant to to your clients.

12. What about off-page SEO?

Your off-page SEO is as equally important as the on-page optimization process. You should do proper competition reach to understand your back link profile, which ones are do-follow and which are no-follow links?
You must equally check for that the sources of your links are relevant to your industry or content. Endeavor to remove spammy websites liking to you by dis-avowing them on your webmaster page. If you don’t act on it, it can cause you to get penalized by the search engine.
For a new website, you must work had to attract the right sets of back links to your content. This can be through reaching out to relevant blogs to post your content. Identify broken links on these web pages and ask that your content be used to replace the dead links etc.

13. Monitor your content for progress:

There is nothing as bad as a good content that isn’t optimised to do better. If you have a 5 star content, use different platforms to promote it. It means it is relevant to your audience. Use social influencers, advanced promotional outlets to promote such contents to do better.

14. What about broken links?

Broken links are dead links going nowhere. Imagine you are the customer looking for a vital information and upon clicking on the link, you found a 404 page error? The search engines frown at broken links. To deal with this, install a broken link monitor on your website. When dead pages are detected, investigate what is response for the broken link and fix it. Whe impossible to fix, use a 301 redirect to permanently redirect such pages to another relevant page.

15. Manage your URLs:

Urls of post contents should be brief. Post content titles should not be longer than 75. This is will affect your perma links otherwise known as the page slug. Remove all the stop words from your page’s slugs and make the length considerably small. This enhances its ability to rank and attract more clients to your web page.

How to increase organic traffic again:

This is not a magic wand. it takes a great deal of efforts and patience. You should develop an qction plan to work through some or all of these steps. In days to come, I will expand on some of the items listed above for us to develop a battle ready action plan for them.
Implementing the above strategies are some of the ways you can increase the organic traffic on your website. This will boost the conversion rate. So, NO more waiting. Contact Webtizers to increase your organic traffic.

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