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SEO service is very important for the sustained growth of organic traffic online. Webtizers has provided a complete suite of search engine optimization services to The Glamorroom an online dropshipping company based in Lagos, Nigeria.

SEO Service Arrangement:

Webtizers was contacted to generate a complete and robust SEO strategy to increase online search traffic while also optimizing for major keywords online. We then started with understanding the client’s niche in the Ladies accessories and Jewelry industry. Keyword analysis was conducted to find buying keywords that can improve search traffic. After this, the Glamorroom’s competitors were identified in order to know what they are doing to rank, identify the gaps in their content, and then optimize their Website for such traffic.

SEO Digital Marketing Strategy

We took our plan a step further by generating a robust digital marketing plan through their social media pages. Their P-interest page currently has over 15,000 traffic to it monthly. We also implemented a beautiful Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page, and Google My Business page. This largely boosted its online presence significantly.

  • Age of Relationship: 2 years
  • Website: The Glamoroom
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Keywords: Jewelry, Human Hair, Accessories
  • Client Feedback: This is the best SEO agency in Lagos. We trust them to deliver on their mandate at all times
  • Categories: Digital Marketing, Keyword Research

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